KilnServ Ltd. provides comprehensive inspection of rotary kilns.

Measurements, adjustment and supervision during shutdown of kilns and rotary machines.

Our company is the answer to problems that arise during operation of rotary kilns and machines around the world. Operation of these machines requires constant supervision and periodic maintenance. KilnServ Ltd. will help You to facilitate these processes by carrying out a detailed inspection and evaluation of parameters. We will also provide You with further recommendations how to optimize the operations of machines – all of it without any interference or impact on the production process!


The easiest way to extend the lifetime and increase the efficiency of each machine is to know its current condition. Using the newest technologies and accurate measuring equipment we measure kiln axis, rollers skewing, shell deformations and many other parameters which are needed to prepare the detailed report (our sample report). Next step of our service is a presentation of all the results and findings, followed by proposed solutions and recommendations for the future maintenance. When it is necessary and demanded by the client, we carry out on-site adjustment.


Measurements of kiln geometrical parameters

  • Measurements of kiln axes position
  • Measurements of tire migration and under-tire clearance
  • Measurements of rollers’ geometry
  • Measurements of tires’ and rollers’ mechanical wear of running surface
  • Measurement of foundation frame slope
  • Measurement of thrust roller position
  • Measurements of tires and shell temperatures

Kiln shell deformation

  • Measurement of kiln shell local deformation
  • Preparation of polar diagrams for each crossection and 3D model
  • Measurements of tires and girth gear wobbling
  • Measurements of rollers’ shaft deflection (presence of mechanical crank formation).
  • Measurement of kiln shell temperatures (presence of thermal crank formation).

Kiln shell ovality measurement

  • Survey of heavy kiln shell flexing (measuring by ovality sensor)

Drive system geometry

  • Measurements of girth gear axial and radial run-out
  • Measurements of pinion axis position, shafts, reducer and motor alignment
  • Measurements of root clearance and backlash
  • Preparation of adjustment program and schedule (if needed)

Kiln mechanical parameters

  • Calculation of loads on support
  • Calculation of pressure on bearings
  • Calculation of Hertz pressures on roller- tire contact
  • Calculation of bending stress in the kiln shell
  • Calculation of stress in tires
  • Verification of the kiln shell characteristics (stiff or flexible kiln)

Supervision of rollers adjustment and renovations

  • Supervision over roller adjustment
  • Thrust control and correction of balance (if needed)
  • Technical support during necessary renovations (replacement of kiln shell, tires, rollers, drive systems)

Troubleshooting and special offer

We can provide technical guidance and assistance for troubleshooting (kilns, mills, dryers). We also provide services in unusual measurements (f. e. renovations, settlement monitoring and much more).
About Company

Our Engineers are graduated of renowned Polish technical universities. This specialistic knowledge combined with many years of experience led into the highest quality of services we offer. Our experts listen before they speak, which means they are focused on Your needs and open to technical discussions on the site to give You the best solution to all the problems which You can face during the kiln operation.

MArcin Kwiatkowski

MSc. Marcin Kwiatkowski

Senior Service Engineer

MSc. Graduated of the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at Warsaw University of Technology. I have been working in industrial geodesy for 20 years and for 18 i am specializing in the measurements and regulations of rotary kilns.

tel.: +48 604 773 105

Marcin Trybek | KilnServ

MSc. Marcin Trybek

Service Engineer

MSc. Graduated of the Faculty of Geodesy and Cartography at AGH University of Science and Technology. In my career i worked for big corporations and small companies, implementing technologies and providing services necessary for the correct course of work.

tel.: +48 692 281 348

Eng. Dominik Popis

Service Engineer

Graduate of the Kielce University of Technology. Certified software tester. Experience in nationwide polish project so as “LPIS”, “IACS” and “GBDOT update”. Already few years experience in Hot Kiln Alignment.

tel.: +48 668 518 436